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White Oud

White Oud

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About White Oudh Attar:

White Oud Attar is considered as hidden gem by many perfumers which got much popularity in recent years. The attar carries sweet, woody, and rich aroma that makes it an ideal perfumery ingredient. The white Oudh attar can also be directly applied as perfume.

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Use of White Oudh as Base in Perfume Making:

-White Oudh is valued as preferred base oil in perfumery these days. It is typically found in north-east (Assam) region of India and has a soothing fragrance with excellent cooling properties.

A perfume that contains oud or white oud as base, there are more chances that it will last for hours after applying it.


White Oudh attar is known for its balanced combination of tea-like aroma, woody and soft spicy aroma.

 Can I use White Oudh as Perfume?

White Oudh and Oudh are scents in themselves. They can be perfect fixative in perfume making yet many people love the aroma of it alone. So, you can certainly put it on as perfume.

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Indulge in the woody, musky scent of White Oud. Made with authentic white oudh attar, this fragrance offers a unique experience that will transport your senses to the Arabian desert. Take in the earthy, sensual aroma and embrace the mystery and beauty of oud. Exclusively from Attar Wholesale.


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