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Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil

Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil

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Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil is derived from the fresh Aloe Vera extracts. The aroma of Aloe Vera oil contains a hint of refreshing greens and an aquatic accent. The fragrance oil of Aloe Vera has a clean and chill scent. It also sometimes leaves a mild punch of wild mint-like odour to it. It is one of the mildest fragrances so it usually does not trigger allergies and sensitivities. Buy Aloe Vera Fragrance oil wholesale by Attar Wholesale.
The relaxing, clear, and refreshing scent of Aloe Vera fragrance oil is effective in enhancing dull moods. Its scent feels like a fresh summer breeze because of its rich, green, and clear aroma. Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil in general is known for its psychological and topical benefits. The crisp-cool Scent of Aloe Vera Oil brings natural energy and cheerfulness to the atmosphere and it also effectively eliminates the foul odour from the rooms.


Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil is a synthetic oil designed to capture the fresh, clean, and subtly sweet aroma associated with the aloe vera plant. Here's a description:

**Scent Profile:**
Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil boasts a refreshing and soothing scent reminiscent of freshly cut aloe vera leaves. It opens with crisp and watery top notes, evoking the sensation of a cool breeze on a warm day. These notes are followed by a soft, green, and slightly herbal heart, reminiscent of the lush foliage of the aloe plant. The fragrance finishes with a delicate sweetness that adds depth and balance, leaving a clean and uplifting impression.

- Fresh
- Clean
- Crisp
- Green
- Subtly Sweet
- Soothing

Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil is versatile and can be used in various applications, including:
- Aromatherapy: Its calming and refreshing scent makes it suitable for diffusers and candles to create a tranquil atmosphere.
- Personal Care Products: It can be used to scent skincare products such as lotions, creams, soaps, and bath salts, adding a rejuvenating touch to daily routines.
- Home Fragrance: Spritzes, room sprays, and potpourri can benefit from its clean and invigorating aroma, enhancing any living space with a natural and welcoming scent.

- Top: Watery Notes, Fresh Air
- Middle: Green Leaves, Herbal Accents
- Base: Subtle Sweetness

Overall, Aloe Vera Fragrance Oil captures the essence of the aloe vera plant, offering a refreshing and revitalizing scent that is perfect for enhancing various products and environments.

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