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Bela Attar

Bela Attar

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Discover the rich history of Bela Attar, a time-honored fragrance with a storied past. With its origins rooted in ancient perfumery, this scent is steeped in cultural significance and has been enjoyed by generations. Experience the enduring legacy of Bela Attar by Attar Wholesale for yourself.

Expertly crafted with 100% pure Bela Attar, this luxurious scent provides a unique floral aroma. Bela Attar uses natural ingredients to create a long-lasting fragrance that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident. Elevate your scent game with this luxurious and alluring product.

Bela attar has a magnetic appeal, and hence it is widely in demand. We at Attar Wholesale manufacture Bela Attar with the best traditional techniques and technology. Our Bela perfume oil is made in accordance with high quality standards under the supervision of experts.

Buy Bela Attar from Attar Wholesale at very reasonable price.

Bela Attar, also known as White Lotus Attar, is a type of perfume oil derived from the flowers of the white lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera). Bela Attar is highly prized for its delicate, floral fragrance that is both calming and uplifting.

To create Bela Attar, the petals of the white lotus flowers are distilled or infused into a carrier oil, such as sandalwood oil or jojoba oil, over a period of time to extract their aromatic compounds. The resulting perfume oil captures the sweet, aquatic, and slightly powdery scent of the white lotus blossoms.

Bela Attar is often used in perfumery and aromatherapy for its relaxing and soothing properties. It is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and spirit, making it popular for meditation practices and relaxation rituals.

In addition to its aromatic qualities, Bela Attar is also valued for its natural ingredients and the artisanal methods used to produce it. It is often considered a luxurious and exotic fragrance option, appealing to those who appreciate fine perfumery and the art of traditional fragrance-making.

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