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Kewra-Kadamb Attar Combo Pack (6 ML Each )

Kewra-Kadamb Attar Combo Pack (6 ML Each )

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Kewra-Kadamb Attar Combo Pack (6 ML Each ) :

Kewra Attar : Kewda Oil or Kewra attar is made from traditional hydro-distillation of fresh flowers of plant Pandanus odoratissimus. The plants is from the family of Pandanaceae. Flowers for extraction of kewra attar are plucked in early morning as flowers lose their aroma quickly after opening.

Kadamb Attar

The Indian Kadamb Attar is extracted from the flowers of Kadam plant. Kadam tree is typically found in southeast asia and particularly in different parts of India. The kadam tree has apricot-gold coloured flowers with a unique and refreshing aroma.

The flower of Kadam (Kadamb) grows during and after the Monsoon season in India.

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