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Saffron Attar (Kashmir)

Saffron Attar (Kashmir)

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Botanical Name : Crocus Sativus
Plant Part : Spices of Flower of Saffron Plant
Country of Origin : Kashmir, India
Blends Well With : Saffron Attar blends well with all floral based oils – rose attar, jasmine attar
Color & Odor : characteristic, spicy, floral and intense odor
Method of Extraction : Traditional method – Hydro-Distillation



Experience the luxury of Kashmir with our Saffron Attar. Made with pure saffron, our attar is a highly concentrated extract that offers numerous benefits such as anti-aging properties, stress relief, and improved mood. Enjoy the natural fragrance of saffron and indulge in its therapeutic effects.

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Discover the rich history of saffron attar with our Kashmir variety. With a potent blend of saffron and luxurious attar oil, this fragrance has a long-standing tradition of being used in perfumes and aromatherapy for its calming and rejuvenating properties. Experience the benefits of saffron attar for yourself.

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