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Discover the sacred aroma of Bakul Attar. Distilled from the flowers of the revered Bakula tree, this soft and floral fragrance oil exudes a pleasant scent reminiscent of floral sandalwood. With its deep religious significance in Hindu culture, Bakul Attar is not only used in perfumery and exotic Arabian scents but also in holy rituals and astrology.

What is Bakul Attar?

Bakul Attar is soft, floral fragrance oil which is distilled from flower of Bakula tree. The Bakula tree has its origin in western coast of India and it is considered very sacred and Indian culture. The flower of Bakula comes during the months April to July and Mid of August. That is the time when distillation of Bakul attar oil takes place. Buy Bakul Attar Wholesale at Attar Wholesale.

What does Bakul Attar smell like?

Bakul Attar oil has Soft and subtle smell. It comprises pleasant floral aroma similar to floral sandalwood.

Religious Significance of Bakul:

Bakul tree is the symbol of love, affection and devotion in Hindu mythologies.  Often you can spot a Bakul tree on the temple entrances in India. The tree is blessed with long leafy branches and star-shaped flowers.

 What are various applications of Bakul attar or Bakul oil?

Due to its soft and floral characteristics, Bakul Itra is used widely in perfumery and exotic arabian scents. Moreover, since various religious beliefs are associated with Bakul tree in Hindu culture, The Bakul Perfume Oil is also used in holy rituals when offering prayers to gods and goddesses.

Also, the bakul attar is profoundly used in Astrology. It is believed that Bakul Scent promotes the energy of the seventh chakra, the crown.


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