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Blue Lotus Attar

Blue Lotus Attar

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Blue Lotus Attar is extracted from the petals of the blue lotus flower. This flower is known for its mesmerizing beauty and is widely used in sacred ceremonies across the world. The oil extracted from Blue Lotus can be used due to its medicinal properties and ability to provide instant relief from skin irritation and inflammation.

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Attar Wholesale provides High-quality & Pure Blue Lotus Attar perfume oil. Our Natural Blue Lotus Attar Oil is known for its fresh fragrance and soothing effects on the mind and body. You can also gift this auspicious blue lotus flower essential oil to your friends and relatives on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.  

What is Blue Lotus?

Blue Lotus plant is also known as Nymphaea caerulea or blue water lily or sacred blue lily. Similar to various other species in the genus, the blue lotus plant also contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine.

How Blue Lotus Attar is manufactured?

The aromatic fragrance, blue lotus attar is extracted through a complex process using traditional ways of extraction. The method utilized for production of Blue Lotus attar is Hydro-distillation method in which the absolutes are extracted from the fresh flowers of blue lotus and then these absolutes is diluted in the Indian sandalwood oil.

When the essence of blue lotus blends with aroma of Indian sandalwood oil, it produces the magical attar fragrance known as “Blue Lotus Attar”.

Applications & Usage of Blue Lotus Attar:

The Perfume Oil, Scent, Itra is highly in demand worldwide due to its variety of applications and unique fragrance. Blue Lotus attar oil possess rich, floral, intense and special aroma which is highly enticing and alluring. Some use blue lotus for its magical capability to enhance the wellness of mind and body

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