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Blue Lotus Attar-Sultan Attar Combo Pack (6 ML Each)

Blue Lotus Attar-Sultan Attar Combo Pack (6 ML Each)

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Blue Lotus Attar-Sultan Attar Combo Pack (6 ML Each):

Blue Lotus Attar : Experience the exotic scent with our Blue Lotus Attar. The 6 ML bottle contains the purest Blue Lotus Attar, derived from the finest strains of blue lotus flowers. Revel in the natural benefits of this attar, known to promote relaxation, improve mood, and enhance mental clarity. Elevate your senses with this expertly crafted combo pack.

Sultan Attar :  Sultan, woody-spicy oriental fragrance for men. Fresh, inexpensive yet powerful. One of the most selling popular attar .

  • Concentrated perfume oil
  • Concentrated, a tiny drop would be sufficient
  • Masculine fragrance
  • Simple, sleek & clean aroma, not overpowering
  • A cool & refreshing scent, very much urban
  • Has a lot of character, perfect for outgoing male

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