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Hina Attar (Mehandi Attar)

Hina Attar (Mehandi Attar)

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Henna attar is extracted from the fresh flowers of henna (hina or mehandi). Also known as Mehandi attar, it has a balancing smell of Henna flowers & Indian Sandalwood oil.


What is Henna/Mehandi?

 Henna is a small to mid-size tree that grows up to seven meters high at its tallest. Leaves of heena grow opposite to each other on the stem.

Henna flowers generally have four sepals. Its fruits are small 4–8 mm in size (0.16–0.31 in) in diameter. The flowers have fragrance and are small in white or pinkish colour.

A member of the Loosestrife family, henna originally comes from Egypt, a country that is still one of the main suppliers of the plant, along with India, Morocco, and the Sudan.


What to Expect from Aroma of Henna Attar?

The aroma of Henna or Mehndi perfume oil is a warm, spicy fragrance and resembles to clove oil.


What Season is it good for?

-You can apply it throughout the year, however winters are the best season as Henna Scent, Heena Attar gives you the sense of warmth.


What are the applications of Henna Attar?

-For last hundreds of years leaves of henna are used as skin and hair dye. The aroma of Mehandi attar or Gulhina attar has been appreciated in Ayurveda for its medicinal characteristics.

Mehandi attar is also used in medicine and oil for perfumery. When combined with Oud, it can offer you unique mesmerizing fragrance, thus widely used in premium attar blends. Thus it is used widely in perfumery industry for creating perfume for men and women.

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Hina Attar, also known as Mehandi Attar or Henna Attar, is a type of traditional perfume oil derived from the hina plant (Lawsonia inermis), commonly known as henna. It is popular in South Asian cultures, particularly in India and Pakistan, where it has been used for centuries.

The attar is produced through a distillation process where hina leaves are steam distilled to extract the fragrant oil. This oil is then blended with a carrier oil, such as sandalwood oil or jojoba oil, to create the final perfume.

Hina Attar has a rich, earthy fragrance with floral undertones. It is often used as a base note in perfumes or as a standalone fragrance. In addition to its aromatic qualities, hina attar is also valued for its cooling and soothing properties, making it a popular ingredient in traditional medicine and skincare products.

In many cultures, hina attar is also associated with special occasions and celebrations, particularly weddings and festivals. It is commonly used to scent the hair, body, and clothing, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the wearer's appearance.

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