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Jaffrani Zarda Compound

Jaffrani Zarda Compound

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Zaafrani Compound, manufactured by us, has a refreshing taste. An extremely good fragrance adds up to its excellent quality.

We aspire to uphold our reputation in the industry by maintaining consistency in quality control, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Jaffrani Zarda Compound is a specialized blend of aromatic spices and flavorings used in the preparation of Zarda, a traditional sweet rice dish popular in South Asian cuisine. This compound typically contains saffron, which imparts a rich golden color to the rice, along with other aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and sometimes nutmeg and mace.

The exact composition of Jaffrani Zarda Compound may vary depending on regional preferences and individual recipes, but the key ingredients remain consistent in providing a distinctive and fragrant flavor profile to the dish.

Saffron, known for its intense aroma and vibrant color, is a prized spice that adds both visual appeal and a subtle floral note to the Zarda rice. Cardamom contributes a sweet and slightly citrusy flavor, while cloves and cinnamon impart warmth and depth to the dish. Nutmeg and mace may be included for additional complexity and spice.

Jaffrani Zarda Compound is typically added to the rice during the cooking process, infusing it with the flavors and aromas of the spices. It enhances the overall taste experience of Zarda, transforming it into a decadent and aromatic dessert often served during festive occasions, weddings, and celebrations.

Overall, Jaffrani Zarda Compound plays a crucial role in elevating the flavor and presentation of Zarda rice, making it a cherished dish in South Asian culinary traditions.

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