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Night Queen Attar (Raat Rani))

Night Queen Attar (Raat Rani))

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Night queen attar is extracted from distillation of flowers of Cestrum nocturnum plant. It is native to the West Indies, but naturalized in South Asia and India.

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 About the Aroma:

The attar of raat raani or Night queen is extremely strong in the initial stages of application. After some time it begins soothing down and becomes soft and comforting.

 When to Apply?

Night queen attar can be used occasionally as perfume. It is also ideal for those who engage in meditation or devotional activities as its aroma relax the mind and make you more focused.

 What you must know?

The night queen attar or raat rani attar comes from a rarely found plant and it blossoms only in night. Its price may not be too high but it’s also not available at very cheap price. 

Made from the fragrant flowers of Night Queen, also known as Raat Rani, this attar is perfect for adding a captivating aroma to any occasion. With its rich and exotic blend, this attar provides a unique and alluring scent that will leave a lasting impression. Experience the beauty and allure of night with Night Queen Attar.

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