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Rose Fragrance Oil

Rose Fragrance Oil

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Delightful and elegant aroma of Attar Wholesale Rose Fragrance Oil is one of the most commonly used gourmet scents. The charming and sublime scent of Rose fragrance oil has a sweet amber and warm resinous smell, which is safe to inhale and leaves a beautiful trail. The Aromatic Royal Rose Oil contains hints of fruity, spicy, mossy, and honey-like notes.

The Versatile and therapeutic scent of Royal Rose fragrance oil is used for various purposes because of its endless benefits. This Fragrance oil has physiological and psychological benefits that effectively help calm the mind and body by decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression. It also uplifts the mood and makes the atmosphere more lively. It also promotes the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Royal Rose Fragrance Oil has a fresh and luxurious aroma of roses ideal for making perfumes, deodorants, colognes, etc. After wearing this wonderful fragrance oil as a perfume, you will feel as if you are roaming in a fresh roses garden. The pronounced scent of this fragrance oil is used for making soaps, candles, incense sticks, and other DIY products. It is also a popular ingredient for making cosmetic and bathing products. This scented oil has been specially formulated to complement the melt-and-pour soap bases and other products.

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