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Ruh Bela / Motia

Ruh Bela / Motia

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Enhance any room with the pleasant, gentle aroma of Ruh Bela Essence (Absolute). Made from the highest quality ingredients, this essence offers a soothing scent that can calm your mind and promote relaxation. Experience a sense of tranquility and well-being as the delicate fragrance of Motia fills the air.

Discover Attar Wholesale enchanting aroma of Ruh Bela, also known as Motia. This exquisite fragrance boasts a floral scent with hints of jasmine and tuberose, leaving a lingering and alluring scent. Experience the captivating essence of this traditional Indian Essence.

Experience the pure, alluring aroma of Ruh Bela. This rare and precious essential oil boasts 100% natural ingredients, providing a truly authentic scent. Let the delicate fragrance of Motia transport your senses to a serene state.

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