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Ruh Genda (Marigold Pure Essence/ Absolute)

Ruh Genda (Marigold Pure Essence/ Absolute)

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Ruh Genda (Tegets Minuta) is produced with only the flower of marigold by hydro-distillation method. it has a strong, warm, sweet, herbaceous, distinctive aroma with a powerful fruity note.It is orange colour, transparent, and mobile liquid. it is extensively used in French perfumes.

Ruh Genda (Marigold Pure Essence/ Absolute) contains 100% pure Marigold Absolute, providing powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Sourced from the natural essence of the Marigold flower, this product is perfect for soothing skin irritations and promoting healing. Experience the pure, natural benefits of Marigold Absolute with Ruh Genda.

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