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Saffron Fragrance Oil by Attar Wholesale

Saffron Fragrance Oil by Attar Wholesale

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Sweet, mildly floral aroma of the Saffron Fragrance Oil is an authentic, unique and a sophisticated one. Using kesar fragrance would make you feel like walking through the richness and the scent of an incense shop. Highly rich aroma of the kesar fragrance oil has a warm depth and imparts great power to the atmosphere, making it calm, relaxing and comfortable. A unique and an amazingly scented fragrance oil, it has the ability to create a comforting ambience and illicit the feelings of relaxation.

Buy Saffron Fragrance Oil Wholesale by Attar Wholesale.

Saffron Scented Oil is best for use in purposes like preparation of cosmetic products (toners, moisturizers, face packs, face washes and such), perfumes, air fresheners, diffuser oils, scented candles, scented soaps and incense sticks. In addition to this, the warm, earthy undertones of Natural Kesar Fragrance Oil can never go unnoticed. The versatile nature of saffron fragrance oil, gives it the ability to impart nurturing properties along with being an earthy scent, a totally delightful one.

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