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Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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Natural Vanilla Fragrance Oil, having a sweet, creamy, comforting and a warm aroma, is extracted purely from fresh vanilla beans. The sweet, delectable scent of vanilla energizes and relaxes the atmosphere, thereby beautifully complimenting your personal unique scent.

Having buttery undertones, vanilla fragrance oil is a popular choice for the preparation of skin and cosmetic care products (toners, face packs, face washes, moisturizers and such), hair as well as body perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, diffuser oils, scented candles, scented soaps (both melt and pour as well as cold process) and body washes.

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However, the Organic Vanilla Scent Oil is a highly concentrated and refined one. So, keeping in mind the strength of the fragrance oil, it is advised that they should not be applied directly to the skin. Always disperse the fragrance oil into a carrier oil of your choice or a product base before usage.

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